Piano Festival

The 5th Edition of Brillante

28-29 Sept 2024 @ Bengaluru

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What happens in

  • Dazzling Performances

    Immerse yourself in an event that brings together top-tier pianists and passionate learners. Experience electrifying performances by renowned artists, participate in interactive masterclasses, and engage in hands-on workshops designed to elevate your skills. Whether you're performing or observing, Brillante promises inspiration and growth.

  • Collaborative Learning

    Join a vibrant community of local teachers and students dedicated to advancing their piano studies. Brillante offers masterclasses and in-depth discussions that foster a deeper understanding of technique, interpretation, and pedagogy. This is your chance to share insights, gain fresh perspectives, and build lasting connections.

  • Competitive Spirit

    Compete on a national stage where deserving pianists showcase their hard work and talent. Brillante provides a competitive yet supportive environment, encouraging participants to push their boundaries and achieve new heights. Witness the emergence of tomorrow's piano virtuosos and celebrate their journey.

  • Exploring Styles

    Dive into a rich tapestry of pianistic styles spanning various genres. From classical masterpieces to contemporary innovations, Brillante explores the full spectrum of piano music. Discover new favorites, broaden your musical palette, and appreciate the diverse expressions of this timeless instrument.

Join us at Brillante, where every note shines with brilliance and every performer has a chance to sparkle.

Featured artists (2021)

Experiences that speak

The most beautiful thing in the world is the gift of music that everyone of us possess. Before the inevitable Covid 19 pandemic, the second edition of Brillante Nagaland Piano Festival held at RCEMPA Jotsoma, Kohima offered me an unforgettable experience. It featured renowned musicians, competitions, concerts notably the Live Jazz and classical piano concert. There was a grand opening of 100 pianos in tune with Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Pianists portrayed and embraced the music beautifully, in Cantabile, which gives me goosebumps at the thought of it. I am honored to be a semifinalists among pianists from all over the state. More than a participant, I was a listener. The repertoire were beyond my imagination. I extended a new friendships and enjoyed the event to the fullest. It was an eye opener to witness things I have neither seen nor experienced before. It equipped me with the art of patience, the process of achieving a real masterclass. Moreover, the knowledge of history attached to Nagaland‘s first grand piano is a memorable one. The festival enlightened me with an ever increasing passion for music. I get overwhelmed and energized when playing the piano, rather than leaving the keys untouched. Playing a piece is like building the essence and beauty of it and ultimately portraying it to listeners. Thank you Brillante!

Thasha Lorin

To me, Brillante Piano festival 2019 was a musical and a cultural treat. I feel blessed and proud to be a part of this festival. It is one unique festival across the country which encourages and promotes classical pianists. The three/four days of being in Kohima and the hospitality we received is irreplaceable. The amount of learning I took back home from this festival is a building block for my piano journey. Being amidst so many brilliant musicians there made me feel like a drop in the ocean. I got the chance to interact with the native musicians of all ages as well as pianists across the country and learn so much. The festival was full of love for music, piano, and pianists and was organized with utmost professionalism. The first day of the festival where 100 pianists performed together at the inaugural was a beautiful and memorable moment. I cannot miss this chance to express how much I fell in love with Nagaland/Kohima, its mesmerizing natural beauty and the people there are very kind and friendly. I am forever grateful to Dr. Theja Meru Sir for giving me and my co-pianists this wonderful opportunity. I thank my Guru Dr. Surojeet Chatterji Sir and KM Conservatory for helping us explore these platforms. This would be my most memorable event as it has given me a base and a lot of confidence. I wish I get a chance to be a part of all the recurring versions of this festival.

Palak Chauhan

Imagine walking up to a stage, facing a crowded audience, the thrill of performing what you’ve been practising for so many hours, the excitement that surrounds you when you hear your name called out. Brillante, the Nagaland Piano Festival brings you that experience right at your doorstep. Collaborating with music schools all over Nagaland, inviting all pianists in the country to be a part of this festival. It isn’t only about the competition but it's an open storehouse for talents, bringing in Talented Artists and Music lovers from all over the country to be a part of it, promoting one another with Performances and providing Masterclasses, giving you a chance to experience the talents of the locals with Arts & Crafts and Merchandise to remember the Festival when you venture back, a warm cup of Coffee to blanket you in the chill weather, etc. I have had a great experience being able to be a part of the first two editions, and I surely look forward to the ones that are yet to come. I warmly welcome anyone and everyone to come and experience what’s in store, because it’s a different experience each time.

Chathavi Vüprü

Brillante has been a great and invaluable experience allowing me to learn and grow as a musician. Meeting so many talents, sharing music and getting pumped up and feeding off from the energy of my fellow pianists! A really amazing festival not only for pianists but all musicians

Ayide Koza

I took part in the Brillante Piano Competition which was held in 2019. Everything about Brillante was remarkable and astonishing. There were workshops, concerts, live sessions and they were incredibly impressive! When I first came to know about the other competitors, I was amazed because of their incredibly talented skills. I will forever be grateful that I was given the chance to meet such greatly talented musicians. I thank God for guiding me throughout the competition, my parents and teachers who were my motivators. Brillante is where I took part in my first piano competition, and with the knowledge that I have attained from this platform, I hope and wish to practice it in my daily life. Brillante will hold a very important part in my life and I will always cherish it in the coming days.

Rokosito Hozoyeh

I had a blast attending Brillante 2019 as a judge and solo pianist. It was great fun travelling to Kohima and meeting the students and music teachers there. The musical spirit was infectious, and the festival was incredibly well-organized. It's good to see a jazz category this year and I've let my students know they should apply! All the best with this year, Aman Mahajan

Aman Mahajan

A rare opportunity to listen to such a wide range of music from familiar classical pieces to informal jams that made you want to jump up and dance.”

Arjun Singh

It was a fantastic street music festival that not only promoted music but also our state Nagaland while also giving us the opportunity to showcase our products and culture.

Zhota Nienu - Branch Manager, Nagaland Emporium Delhi

A great experience. I hope you can make this a regular event.

Thea Dyeus

As a parent i was elated to hear about a roadshow based on Piano. This seems to be one of its kind. We always see so many shows based on mainly guitar and drum but it was a pleasure to attend this show with altogether a different genre. Eagerly looking forward to attend many more such shows

Shaili Chawla, mother of Arnav Gulati ( Brillante, Runners up Category A, 2021

As a parent i was elated to hear about a roadshow based on Piano. This seems to be one of its kind. We always see so many shows based on mainly guitar and drum but it was a pleasure to attend this show with altogether a different genre. Eagerly looking forward to attend many more such shows

Shaili Chawla, mother of Arnav Gulati ( Brillante, Runners up Category A, 2021

Kudos to Khyo for pioneering this event and concept, and playing a leadership role in providing a platform for performance not just in her backyard but taking it across the country.

Anthony L Gomes, Furtados, Mumbai, India


Brillante is a community. Whether you are a pianist or a music enthusiast from other backgrounds, Brillante welcomes you to share the experience.

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